Having knowledge on building problems is the surest way to deal with the upcoming common problems and even before they occur. Being prepared is the best way to understand the common problems when working with an inspector. There are many information services in this regard which the list of some of them is coming below:

Associations & institutions in charge of inspection and licensing
British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)
ASTTBC Property Inspectors(ASTTBC-PI/BCIPI)
Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia (ASTTBC)
Consumer Protection of British Columbia (BPCPA)

Useful specialized associations and …. In buildings
Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia (RCABC)
British Columbia Building Envelope Council (BCBEC)
Wood Energy Technicians of British Columbia (WETBC)
Electricity and Alternative Energy Division in British Columbia
Building Officials Association of British Columbia (BOABC)
Plumbing Officials Association of British Columbia (POABC)
Mechanical Contractors Association of British Columbia (MCABC)
Vancouver Resource Society (VRS)
British Columbia Housing Authority (BCHA)
National Research Council (NRC)
The Safer home Standards Society (SAFERhome)
Building Designers Institute of British Columbia (BDIBC)
Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE)
BC’s Condo Advocate (BC CONDO)
Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association (GVHBA)
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
Realtors (MLS)

Mesothelioma Center(Asbestos.com)



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