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  • Who is a home inspector?

A home inspector is a highly qualified and professional who acts like a technical advisor to a home buyer, for making a well-informed and confident decision. The inspector can give a home buyer an expert opinion on the soundness of the selected home.

  • What is a comprehensive home inspection?

A home inspection is a thorough visual investigation of building structure, its internal systems and components with particular attention to any safety concerns for the home buyer and their families. Due to the fact that inspection is visual, the inspector will be unable to see behind walls or under the floor.
If problems or symptoms beyond the scope of the inspection are found, the home inspector may recommend further evaluation.


  • Why do I as a home buyer need a building inspection?

Purchasing a building will most likely be the most valuable single purchase
you are going to make in your life time. The well-informed decision you make, should be done confidently with a clear understanding of the property you are about to purchase. With the assistance of an experienced professional certified home inspector- that you can trust- you can avoid unpleasant and costly surprises.

  • Do I need an inspector as a seller?

Sometimes for sellers a pre-sale inspection of their building and obtaining a non-biased report on the existing condition of their building will be very helpful. This allows them to repair minor deficiencies, and avoid expensive last minutes negotiations and discounts, and ultimately reduce the time their building spends in the market.

  • Can a building pass or fail an inspection?

Inspection is to reveal the existing condition of the building, so it's not like an exam which could be marked as pass or fail. Every building is not hundred percent perfect and free of deficiency, and inspection provides enough information for a well-informed decision.

  • What does a home inspector inspect?

A professional home inspector is a qualified expert who inspects and reviews the house as a system which consists of different components. He looks for operability of each component and how any deficiency of one component might affect the operability and life span of another.

  • What does a home inspection include?
    • Structure, foundation, porches, decks, and etc
    • Exterior including cladding, flashing, downspout, chimney, site drainage ability & grading, windows, doors, and etc
    • Roof covering, its type, and its potentiality to failure
    • Interior including doors, Windows, floors, walls, ceilings, and etc 
    • Attic and crawlspace
    • Plumbing and water heating systems, plumbing fixtures in kitchen and baths
    • Electricity such as electrical panel, lighting, receptacles, and etc
    • Heating and cooling systems
    • Insulation and ventilation
    • Built in appliances such as furnaces, fire places, air conditioning, and etc
  • Does a home inspection reveal any safety concerns?

One of the major tasks of a qualified home inspector is to point out any potential hazards and safety concerns during the process of inspection like: Fire hazards, health hazards, safety concerns.

  • Is there a standard for inspection?

Yes, there are Standards for both "Single Family Dwelling" and "Multi-Family/Strata Apartments". To view the Standards that will be followed and obeyed by your inspector use the provided links below:

Purpose, Scope, and Limitations of Inspection

Standards of Inspection for a Single Family Dwelling or a Multi-Family/Strata Apartment

  • Does a brand new house or an inspected house by municipality's inspectors needs further inspection?

A licensed qualified home inspector will inspect the building from another point of view, for example in electricity; not providing enough space in the electrical panel for future growth and needs is not an issue for city inspectors.

  • What could be some of the common problems found in an inspection?

Roofing issues such as worn shingles, blocked gutters, deteriorated roofs
Structural issues such as cracked foundation, support problems, settlements
Electrical issues such as knob and tubes, unsafe wiring, overload circuits
Moisture issues
Drainage issues such as drain tile blockage, foundation leaks
Plumbing issues such as worn piping and leaks
Heating, cooling, and ventilation issues

  • When should I select an inspector and call to schedule an inspection?

As a buyer, the best time to select a building inspector is prior to choose a property to purchase, and call at the earliest opportunity after the offer has been presented and has come out to review. Most contracts usually provide enough time for inspection to be done.

  • What will happen if the inspection reveals any deficiency?

Knowing the condition of the property will give you enough confident to make a well- informed decision. Fortunately many of the problems can be fairly minor, repairable, and may be in a way that could be live with; however, there are sometimes which could be financially disastrous. Sometimes, inspector suspects a problem and asks for "further investigation". In this case the buyer could request for time extension for an inspection by a specialized and licensed professional in that particular field.

  • Can I attend the inspection?

Yes, the professional inspector encourages buyers to attend a post-inspection (a walk-thorough review) of the inspected building. The buyer can ask as many questions as he/she wishes and see the building thorough the professional eyes.

  • How long an inspection will take and how much does it cost?

An inspection is an investment that pays back itself by a peace in mind on a decision made. It is almost nothing in comparison with the invested money on purchasing the property, but the information which it provides are priceless.
Time and cost of inspections vary due to the size and category of properties. It starts from $ 350 plus GST and 3.5 hours of inspection.
To view the prices for 2010 and the time of inspection use the link provided below.
Table of time and price of inspections for 2010



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