xhtml css seo web template designIn case you have been decided to contact your inspector's choice, you could do it by either a phone call to schedule an inspection or by sending an e-mail as a request for one and be sure you will be contacted shortly. Even after a phone call sending a request e-mail will be greatly appreciated. Please note your expectation and type of inspection in your e-mail request.

Contacts informations:

Phone: (604) 512- 1682

E-mail: s_fazelipour@yahoo.ca

For a thorough and efficient home inspection, please do the followings:

  • Be sure that electrical power, gas, and water lines are connected and they are operating.
  • Make sure the accesses to the attic and crawlspace are clear from belongings. For example if attic access is provided from a closet, the closet should be free of any clothes and other personal belongings in-order that entering into the attic is not blocked.
  • Sufficient clearance and access to major appliances and electrical panel should be provided.
  • For proper inspection, access to all the spaces in the building should be provided.
  • Under the sink in kitchen's cabinet and bathroom should be empty in-order that observing the plumbing and drainage is possible.
  • Be sure that the pets are well secured. Their presence will extract the inspector's focuses on the inspection.

Just as a reminder; Inspectors will not even try to remove any furniture to provide access. Do as you think is necessary for inspection.


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